Process Serving

Process Serving – the serving of legal documents to persons whom the documents are directed.

The types of documents we serve include the following:

  • Statutory Demand

  • Bankruptcy Petition

  • Winding Up Petition

  • N39 Order to Attend Court for Questioning

  • N79A Suspended Committal Order

  • Claim Form

  • Break Notice

  • Non Molestation Order

  • Injunction

  • Anti Social Behaviour Order (ASBO)

  • Witness Summons

  • Licensing Act Notices

  • Divorce Petition

  • Children Act

  • Family Proceedings

  • Prohibited Steps Order

We will keep you updated every step of the way, from receipt of instruction to the final service. For a fixed fee, service will include up to 3 visits, one being out of hours and a Certificate of Service.